Photography Journey

When I was 16 years old my sister got married and my parents hired two different photographers for her.  One photographer took her bridal pictures, one photographer did the pictures on the wedding day, and my brother did her engagements.  It was so interesting to me to see the differences in all the pictures.  My brother was a good photographer and her engagements were done very well, her bridals were done at a studio and I was blown away by the beauty of the images, and the third photographer was flat out awful in my opinion.  It is interesting to see how there are so many different outcomes from three photographers photographing the same person and I will talk through each one and explain how I have come to the conclusion that I did.

My brother was a couple years older then me, so that would put him at about 18 when my sister got married.  He had a good camera and was a star in his photography class in high school.  He took my sister and her fiance up to different canyons and did some relaxed pictures of the two of them on multiple occasions.  I think, it was a stress free situation, with someone who knew and understood my sister, her wishes and his camera then he was able to capture some really good pictures of the two of them.

The next photographer was a studio photographer.  He did not know my sister but the techniques that that he used were very impressive, the way he manipulated the lighting and his attention to detail really impressed me, even as a 16 year old.  My mom ordered multiple pictures and they were hanging around my house as I grew up and I was always so impressed with the beauty of the pictures!  Even has the pictures became dated and older I would still admire what he was able to do in his studio with some simple lights.  I loved them and was very impressed with his abilities.

The last photographer took the pictures at venue on the day of the wedding.  He was hired by my parents and yet only asked the grooms parents what they wanted to see.  My parents were very frustrated, he had the whole brides family sitting on the sidelines for a good amount of time until all the extended family just left because they didn’t care if they were in the pictures.  He did some really dumb poses that looked stupid then and look even stupider now.  He was a very expensive photographer and was a huge waist of money for my parents.  My mom was very upset and to this day that is the only thing she thinks about when she sees all those awful pictures(me too).

So I thought I would just walk you through each of these because this is one of the things that was confusing to me before I started doing photography.  I thought, back then, that if they were professional photographers, then they would be good at taking pictures. I shouldn’t say that because maybe they are good, in someones opinion, but this was not my opinion when it came to the last photographer.  I thought, back then that my brothers pictures were fine, but now looking back they were done very well.  His pictures are some of the best of the whole wedding experience, but then I couldn’t see that he was just as good, if not better then other photographers.   The last photographer would not be judged so harshly by me if he was just nicer to my family at the wedding.  His unfriendly attitude made my highly critical of what he was doing and I absolutely hate the pictures that captured of her wedding day, they were awful.  When I started playing around with my camera I noticed that all photographers have the good and the bad in them but we have to work hard to get the qualities that are important to the level of photographer that we need to be! Each photographer along the way has taught be a little bit about how I want to be and the things that I need to do to improve where I’m at.  It really is a journey, and you need to enjoy it! Thoughts?