Photography is the Best Cure

Photography is the best cure for a bad memory!  I’ve heard this quote a million times, and I am getting older I forget things all the time, photography has helped me remember things that I have no recollection of.  I do want to remember everything about my cute little family, while they are little, but unless I put the effort into it then the moments and the memories will be gone.  Time seems to be moving so quickly, and I can’t seem to catch up!  I need to do better about making a conscious effort to take pictures and document the moments around us, because they are easily forgotten!

I don’t want to miss a moment but my mind is on all the different things I can’t forget!  From soccer practice, soccer games, homework, piano, dance, choir our days are filled to the brim with things to do, and things remember!  I struggle keeping everything straight but I also don’t want to miss the fun times like playing in the back yard, the kids running around the baby laughing, but without documenting these moments they are so fleeting that it will be hard to remember.

Two years ago we took a trip to Disneyland after my husband had graduated from school.  We were so excited for this trip to get away and have some fun together as a family after a year that was really hard on us.  Well, two days before we went on the trip I found out I was pregnant!  We had been trying to have a baby for a long time, we had a miscarriage and couldn’t get pregnant after. . .anyways I was so scared to go on rides that might cause problems to this little tiny being inside me.  I was scared the whole trip, it was still fun but it wasn’t as fun as other trips, just more stress.  Anyways, because I wasn’t having as much fun I didn’t take ANY pictures!  My husband said he had it under control and took some with is phone, but then reset his phone and all the pictures from that trip were lost!!  We didn’t have ONE picture from that whole trip!  When I think of that trip I think of the stress that I was under and the fear that I had the whole time.  We ran into one of my best friends on that trip and it was so fun being with her, it was such a coincidence but without ANY pictures I only think of the stress of the trip.  Now it’s been a couple years and we want to go back to Disneyland but I’m not very excited to take that trip.  My husband is a little confused because I’m usually a Disney freak but I’m not thrilled.  There is nothing that helps me remember how fun it was, I only remember the hard parts and not the fun parts.

Talking about a trip is relate-able but this is how all of life can be if we don’t take out the camera and take pictures.  For some reason it’s easy to remember the hard times, or the hard things about a good time.  Like a new beautiful little baby.  It is the most stressful time for me as a mom when I bring that new baby home from the hospital.  I feel like its a lot of responsibility on my shoulders and it scares me to death!  I’m always worried if their breathing, alive, doing okay, it really is a matter of life and death.  They are so little and completely dependent on you as a parent, it is a lot of stress.  I have a hard time taking out my camera when I’m not feeling happy.  I don’t want to capture the stressful moments, but until you take the pictures and look back you don’t realize how wonderful the stressful moments can be too.  To be trusted with such a sweet little being that loves you and depends on you is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  You should always be documenting moments because you don’t realize what you are going through until the moment is gone, never to return.

Life is a beautiful thing.  Life is hard, it is stressful, but more then anything it is beautiful!  We are very lucky to be experiencing life and all that it has to throw at us!  Capturing the moments that are hard, or stressful but still beautiful will help us learn and remember the beauty that is all around us!  We all need to get our camera out more and take more pictures of the wonderful blessings all around us! I would love to here your thoughts.