Photography Intro

It was pretty easy in the beginning of my journey in photography, to get some pretty good pictures without trying super hard.  I thought that set the tone and the whole journey would be pretty easy, boy was I wrong!  I got my first DSLR, stuck it in Auto and went out and tried to get some good pictures, honestly I didn’t think I was too bad, now looking back I can see my mistakes but overall there were some pretty good pictures.  The best thing for me was taking a class and practice, practice, practice!

After a little while of owning my camera I started to really try to take pictures, like some of the pictures you would see on the blogs, and that is when I started to get very discouraged!  I could not get the lighting, the coloring or anything right on purpose(the accidents would happen and they would give me hope, but on purpose it wasn’t working)!  I knew a lot of people would talk about taking it out of AUTO but it was so comfortable there, and everyone once in a while I would get a good picture without doing anything so I was really scared to take it out of AUTO.

I started checking books out of the library on photography, and reading through them but all the language was confusing to me and it didn’t matter how many times I tried to read and understand the books the photography was not getting any easier!  That is when I decided to take a class.  It was the best thing for my photography!  I am not a person that can learn well through reading alone, but I know that some people can and that is great!  For me it was worth the splurge to take a class.  You can find some classes that are not super expensive but it is worth it to pay for a teacher that you like!

The first thing, I would suggest, when looking for a class is go through blogs and pictures online that you like.  Try to find what type of photography fits your personality.  There are so many different types that it really does help to narrow down what you like and start with someone who takes pictures the way you like.  There is Nature photography, snapshots, family, wedding, and so many more.  Even the fist thing when learning your camera will influence the way you take pictures, so I believe that you should take from someone whose pictures speak to you, not just someone who says they’re a photographer. . .   I had two teachers in the first class that I took, and both were excellent photographers but one of the photographers more then then others photos spoke to me.  I wanted to learn how she did what she did, how she saw such little things that I would miss, and how she could capture all things so beautifully.  Even though if was my very first class it really influenced me a lot and showed me so much.  I would defiantly suggest loving the pictures of the teacher that you learn from.  A lot of time, its not weather they know how to use their camera well, but it is the emotion they convey through their photography that will speak to you!

The first photography class that I took helped me, so much, on my journey.  It took me a long time to really know and understand all that they taught me, and even now I look at the binder from that class and am reminded of things that I can improve on.  It is something that can always get better, as long as you are willing.   Photography has been a wonderful journey for me and I am so glad that I have put the time and effort into getting where I am now.  I just need to carve out more time in my day and keep going with it!  It really is so much fun and digital photography makes is so much easier.  If you are trying to get into photography you really do need to practice, practice, practice, and TAKE A CLASS!!!  Its wonderful! Have you taken a class?