Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice makes perfect is something everyone says all the time.  It is the same principle with photography, but I want to change it a little to something my music teacher taught me and that is “perfect practice makes perfect.”  If you are doing the same thing over and over again, incorrectly then that is how it will be done always, incorrectly.

Practicing perfectly is one of the reason I find that taking a class on photography is so important.  If you do not understand that you are making mistakes then how can you correct them?  There is so much to learn when it comes to photography that you can take many classes from beginning to advanced and still find there is more to learn.  Things like avoiding mergers, rule of thirds, lines, vantage point, depth, camera hardware, lighting, and the list goes on.   These are all things that need to be taught, either through a class or some other way, books, blogs, chat rooms, there are lots of resources.  If you are good at reading and understanding then maybe you wont need a class, maybe your a fast learner and can do it all on your own.  There are plenty of self taught photographers, that are some of the best, but for the rest of us a class can make all of the difference.  Honestly, I didn’t think that I was too bad until I took a class and I could see more clearly all the things that I needed to work on, and then the list got bigger and bigger and to this day I’m still taking classes, reading blogs and trying to improve my trade.

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Photography and Organization


My goals:
Work on pictures for one hour once a week.
Be more purposeful when I take pictures with my phone
During downtime with my phone then go through and organize my pictures
Get three books printed this year
Get all the pictures off my old phone printed
Getting your pictures organized will make you feel better.  Getting rid of all the clutter will make you feel free!  As a little side note getting our windows cleaned, being able to see out of them with no spots and dirt has been another  thing that has helped keep life in focus.  If you are in the Orem/Provo Area and need a window washing, we have a great one that we have been using.  Cash from Orem/Provo Window cleaners is super great, and we love what they do!  When your life has less dirt and clutter it frees you, and makes you feel better!  I hope this little tutorial on photography goals helps someone out there, if not its helped me putting it down and thinking about the goals that I want for my life!

I am currently trying to scale back my pictures.  I know we have unlimited space now with the electronic age and photography but it really over whelms me when I try to sit down at the computer and decide which pictures I would like to print out and keep in books and around my house.  When there are thousands of pictures it makes for a long process and overwhelming process.

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