Photography Journey

When I was 16 years old my sister got married and my parents hired two different photographers for her.  One photographer took her bridal pictures, one photographer did the pictures on the wedding day, and my brother did her engagements.  It was so interesting to me to see the differences in all the pictures.  My brother was a good photographer and her engagements were done very well, her bridals were done at a studio and I was blown away by the beauty of the images, and the third photographer was flat out awful in my opinion.  It is interesting to see how there are so many different outcomes from three photographers photographing the same person and I will talk through each one and explain how I have come to the conclusion that I did.

My brother was a couple years older then me, so that would put him at about 18 when my sister got married.  He had a good camera and was a star in his photography class in high school.  He took my sister and her fiance up to different canyons and did some relaxed pictures of the two of them on multiple occasions.  I think, it was a stress free situation, with someone who knew and understood my sister, her wishes and his camera then he was able to capture some really good pictures of the two of them.

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Photography Intro

It was pretty easy in the beginning of my journey in photography, to get some pretty good pictures without trying super hard.  I thought that set the tone and the whole journey would be pretty easy, boy was I wrong!  I got my first DSLR, stuck it in Auto and went out and tried to get some good pictures, honestly I didn’t think I was too bad, now looking back I can see my mistakes but overall there were some pretty good pictures.  The best thing for me was taking a class and practice, practice, practice!

After a little while of owning my camera I started to really try to take pictures, like some of the pictures you would see on the blogs, and that is when I started to get very discouraged!  I could not get the lighting, the coloring or anything right on purpose(the accidents would happen and they would give me hope, but on purpose it wasn’t working)!  I knew a lot of people would talk about taking it out of AUTO but it was so comfortable there, and everyone once in a while I would get a good picture without doing anything so I was really scared to take it out of AUTO.

I started checking books out of the library on photography, and reading through them but all the language was confusing to me and it didn’t matter how many times I tried to read and understand the books the photography was not getting any easier!  That is when I decided to take a class.  It was the best thing for my photography!  I am not a person that can learn well through reading alone, but I know that some people can and that is great!  For me it was worth the splurge to take a class.  You can find some classes that are not super expensive but it is worth it to pay for a teacher that you like!

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My Photography

I am a photographer.  Its taken me a long time to be able to say that.  Today, it seems like everyone is a photographer and I’m always scared that people will look at the pictures I take and criticize me, and laugh, thinking that I am not what I say I am.  Over the years I have come to grips that you not everyone will like the way I take pictures or what I take pictures of, but photography is an art, and art is truly in the eye of the beholder.  I try not to be scared, and say with confidence that I am a photographer, some people like it and others don’t but that is just the way it is!

I have been taking pictures professionally for about 5 years.  I am still a work in progress, I look at blogs and see some of the images of other photographers and dream of taking pictures as beautiful as theirs!  Its okay to try to be better but I try not to compare my worst to their best.  The way I will, one day, capture the images that I love will be through practice, and not giving up!

My story is similar to a lot of peoples(especially moms), when referring to the reason many started photography, mine was  it was my little baby girl, now she is older now but she was the reason it all started to get real for me.  I wanted to capture every moment of her and her life, and I just wasn’t able to do it the way I wanted with the tools and the knowledge that I had at the time.  I wanted good pictures, not just snap shots and so I started working on getting better pictures.  As I said earlier I am still working of getting better pictures and I hope I never feel complacent enough to stop working on it!

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Photography is the Best Cure

Photography is the best cure for a bad memory!  I’ve heard this quote a million times, and I am getting older I forget things all the time, photography has helped me remember things that I have no recollection of.  I do want to remember everything about my cute little family, while they are little, but unless I put the effort into it then the moments and the memories will be gone.  Time seems to be moving so quickly, and I can’t seem to catch up!  I need to do better about making a conscious effort to take pictures and document the moments around us, because they are easily forgotten!

I don’t want to miss a moment but my mind is on all the different things I can’t forget!  From soccer practice, soccer games, homework, piano, dance, choir our days are filled to the brim with things to do, and things remember!  I struggle keeping everything straight but I also don’t want to miss the fun times like playing in the back yard, the kids running around the baby laughing, but without documenting these moments they are so fleeting that it will be hard to remember.

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